Day 6: Copperplate Place Cards

I’m experimenting with several things during this challenge, one of which is the angle of my wrist. I prefer to keep a flatter wrist angle in relation to the table, but I have a really hard time doing that when I use oblique pens. With straight pens though, it’s super natural.However, my natural writing style, for as long as I can remember is to keep my paper almost 100% parallel to the table. I’ve always written like that, I’m not sure why! Straight pens + a super slanted paper = no bueno. It angles the tins of your nib and just doesn’t work awesome. I did all these place cards with the straight holder but it would really take some more practice to feel comfortable with the angle of the nib.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The oblique holder has always felt the most natural to me but I tend to press too hard on the outside of my hand. I need to stop that! 🙂

I used the envelope templates from TPK’s shop (I can’t find the exact one, but here’s a link to her shop!) along with my trusty light pad.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I’m working on envelopes with my June style script, this is my favorite style!

See you Wednesday!


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