Day 8: Brush Lettering Place Cards

Last night I had some time to play with a new bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White. You’re going to laugh at me because every calligrapher under the sun swears this is the best white ink, but it’s my first time to use it! I’ve always used Winsor and Newton white gouache. Which I also really like!

The Bleed Proof White is super fun, I just needed a tiny bit of distilled water to dilute it. In fact, because of the sheen of the cards that I used for the project, I probably didn’t need to dilute it at all. I ended up doing two coats.


I was going to do these cards with watercolors but when I saw the cards themselves…I knew the white would be perfect! I still wanted that brush stoke style though so I used my size 1 round paint brush.

A couple of nights ago I spent a good hour watching these videos (1 & 2) and practicing numbers with my pointed pen. I’ve still got a long ways to go to really understand Copperplate numbers but it was great fun. Not the same with a brush but I tried to do it in a similar style. My take on modern calligraphy is, know the rules before you break them! I always practice Copperplate script first, then veer off from there.


What do you think of the cards? Bright and white! 🙂

Be sure to check back tomorrow night for Day 9’s post, I’ll have details for a GIVEAWAY I’m doing on Day 10! YAY!

Thanks for reading!


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