Day 9: Giveaway Details!

Happy Friday!!

I’ll get right to the juicy details. It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!! Woohoo!!!

PRIZE! Custom 8 x 10 lettering print!


Ideas for your custom print:

  • Favorite quote
  • Family joke or favorite saying
  • Monogram print customized with names and dates
  • Baby or engagement announcement
  • You pick!

I’m a big believer in celebrating the baby steps that you take on your way to accomplishing big goals! Often times the goal itself is so overwhelming and you can’t possibly imagine what it will take to achieve it. You have to force yourself not to look too far in the future and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Three weeks ago I ran the Leadville 100. It was my first 100 miler. I had never ran more than 50 miles and that was 5 years ago! It was a big unknown. I was pretty sure that my athletic experiences the last 5 years had prepared me to finish the Leadville 100, but how can you really know until you do it?


There was no way I could focus on actual mileage, counting down miles from 100 is crazy! Who runs 100 miles?? I only concentrated on aid stations. 13 of them. I had no idea what mileage I was at for most of them, I just stayed focused on getting to the next one. Finally when I got to the very last one, mile 87, I thought (after my sob-fest/mental breakdown/I need calories so darn bad holy crap/maybe my crew will let me take a quick nap) OH MY GOSH I HAVE RUN 87 MILES. THAT IS AMAZING.


The final 13 miles to the finish were the absolute longest, hardest, slowest 13 miles of my life, but I got it done and have a nice, shiny buckle to show for it.


Similarly, starting this 100 day challenge of creating is really overwhelming! 100 days is a long time! My race took just under 30 hours. Sure, it was a really long weekend (REALLY LONG) but then it was over. 100 days is a monumental commitment to something that takes a decent amount of time daily. But, clearly, I love a challenge! And I love celebrating the “aid stations” along the way.

We’ll call this the “YAY!! I TOOK THE LEAP TO START AND IT’S BEEN AN AWESOME 10 DAYS” giveaway.


I can’t wait to create what the winner decides on for their custom print!


To enter:

  1. Like the pinned Facebook post.
  2. Like my Facebook page.
  3. For an additional entry please share on your page!

That’s it, easy-peasy! Contest will run from tonight, Friday, September 9th until Monday, September 12th at 8:30 pm, CDT. Short contest, get your likes and shares in TODAY!!! Can’t hang around at the aid stations forever, you’ll never make the cut-off. 🙂

Winner will be randomly selected and announced in Tuesday evenings blog post. If you come across multiple Facebook posts advertising the giveaway, yay for you! Each LIKE will be an entry!

As always, thanks for reading!!




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