Day 10! Free Screen Wallpaper!

Happy Day 10!! Click here for information on the GIVEAWAY that’s currently happening! Giveaway closes Monday night, September 12th, so check it out today to win a free 8 x 10 custom print!


Today I wanted to work on a new mobile wallpaper for email subscribers. Inspired by yesterday’s talk of determination and consistency, I went with “You got this.” Simple statement but it really works for me! I don’t want a long, sappy motivational talk, typically I just want a reminder that I can do it. I got this. YOU got this.

The other thing on my mind today was the weather! It was pouring rain during our run this morning. We started on trails but after a mile we had to go out to the road, the mud was just crazy slippery. There was no room for complaining though because the rain meant we were finally getting a cold front! Hurray!!! We don’t have aspen trees here but that’s all I ever think about when the weather finally changes. Those beautiful, golden aspen trees that I got to run through the year I lived in the mountains. Ah, I love it.

Gold it is. 🙂


Click here to subscribe to the Elle Marie Calligraphy newsletter and download this wallpaper for your mobile device or desktop! I don’t send emails very often but when I do it’s about an upcoming workshop or new product that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Thanks for reading, hope you’re having a great weekend!


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