Day 15: Modern Calligraphy Envelope

Last night I was doing some sketches for a custom print that I’m working on and did a version with a more modern handwriting script. This was definitely handwriting and not Copperplate, I didn’t pick up my pen for the individual strokes. I liked how it looked so decided to do that for my envelope today!

Since doing the Day 10 Giveaway I’ve had some inquires for great custom prints! I love the ideas you guys come up with for gifts! If you’re interested, check out my online shop! You can contact me directly first for any questions or if you want to bounce ideas off me.  We’ll go through the style of writing you like best and then you can choose to have a watercolor background or white background with your choice of color for the lettering.

Watercolor background with black lettering

Day 15’s envelope project, hope you like it!


As always, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!


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