Day 16: The Exciting Day of all the Wonderful Ideas.

Friday! I’ve had some crazy (crazy, awesome!) thoughts today on where I might take this whole blogging thing. Gonna let it simmer for the weekend before I take any leaps/make any changes! This isn’t my strong suite, I tend to have an idea and then just jump full steam ahead. But it feels like this might be a really good idea so I should let it swim around for just a bit. Exciting!!


Speaking of swimming I went Stand Up Paddle Boarding this morning on the lake. The fish were jumping like crazy! When I was near Snake Island (not its real name but there’s probably a million snakes on that island…not that I’ve ever stepped foot on there…not even to do the open water swim initiation snake dance…) anyway, near the island there was a school of like 20 fish all jumping out of the water. It was so fun!

My plan for the challenge today was to work on the aquarium invitation suite but this little idea I had about the blog inspired me to sketch out some new logos.





What do you think, do you like the possible new logo?

Are you like me and tend to jump into new ideas quickly, figuring it out as you go? Or do you think things over for a while, planning it all out before you take that first step?

I’d love to hear your response in the comments! Thanks as always for reading, have a great weekend!!


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