Day 17: I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

That world is not Texas. But we pretend pretty well.

So, I can’t keep a surprise hidden. Like, I’m the worst at it. I’ve never gotten my husband a gift without immediately showing him when I got home. Or even worse, he’ll get it out of me on the phone on the way home!

But today…I worked on the Day 10 Giveaway winner’s 8 x 10 custom print. And, OH.MY.GOSH. I freaking love it. It took all I had not to text it to everyone I know. As soon as the winner gets it I’ll post! After finishing up the custom print, I worked on a card for the winner and a matching envelope. Took pictures of all that and was going to use it for today’s challenge post but then was like, uh, surprise fail. Good job on that one. So instead, I worked on this fall card! Haha!


It took me about 8 tries printing at home to get it correct. That was even following directions. Thankfully I’m obsessed with my current audio book so I was in no hurry to stop doing whatever I was doing. Have you read the Pillars of the Earth series? I’m listening to World Without End and only have about 5 hours left of the 45 hour audio book! I started it just before my car trip to Leadville (the second time) this past August.  No spoilers, but…MAYBE something good will happen after all! These books, I’m serious, think of all the ridiculously horrible things that will NEVER happen to you…they ALL happen to everyone in both books. Life. Was. Tough.

Look for more super insightful book reviews from me in the future. LOL


Hope you’re having a great weekend! See you tomorrow!blogsignoff



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