Day 19: Gold on White Envelope

Whoa. What a Monday! I love me a productive day but HELLOOOO crazy day. Checking things off my list left and right and that feels good. Out of nowhere I’m on this kick of getting all the stuff done that I typically (ALWAYS) put off until basically not doing it. Like calling people. Or filling out stupid forms. Dropping off those forms. (I still need to do this, tomorrow, promise!) Anyway, once I ripped the bandaid on starting those tasks, it just got easier and easier. And frankly, the satisfaction of getting each little thing done that I was dreading WAY out-weighed the beating of doing it.

Deep breath, there’s your Monday lesson, folks. Just get that crap over with. So worth it!


Spent the day dreaming about SUPing! I’m totally hooked. And bonus, my hubs said he was in when his shoulder got better. Our thing we do together is mountain biking, and it is awesome! But in North Texas there are many, many times when the trails are closed and we need something else to do! Excited that this might be our next thing!

Finally, after 4 weeks of recovery from Leadville 100, I’m back to some decent mileage this week. Plus a little speed. I’M SO EXCITED. I got to do strides (fast 20 second efforts) today for seriously, the first time in 4 weeks. It was awesome.

I have a few more pieces planned for this aquarium wedding suite. The envelopes will be white with gold ink so I practiced on this one today! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the menu, it’s definitely drool worthy! I just realized I forgot to put a comma after the city in the envelope. Oops! 🙂


How was your Monday? Super crazy?? Did you get a lot done though? Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for Day 20! Crazy. I’m currently hatching up another GIVEAWAY for Day 25!


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