Day 20: Wedding Dinner Menu

Hi! Day 20! Gosh, doesn’t it just seem like we celebrated Day 10?! It totally does. My next GIVEAWAY is going to be on Day 25! I’m super excited about it. I’ll share the details with you guys soon!


Also, if you haven’t already signed up for my Newsletter and received your “You Got This” wallpaper, do it now! Once October 1st hits, a new one will be out and you’ll have missed it!  Newsletter subscribers get 5 (5!) extra entries into this next giveaway.


This menu is printed on a cream colored textured paper and I JUST LOVE IT. You know what else I’m totally digging? Working with pointed pen every single day. I went through a huge brush calligraphy phase this summer and didn’t realize how much I missed pointed pen! So thankful for this challenge having such a specific focus. I’m already noticing big improvements in my numbers and flourishing (my goal of the challenge).

We *might* stray from the wedding theme tomorrow. I have some extra time and I’m hoping to use it wisely!

Thanks as always for reading!! See you tomorrow!


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