Day 21: All the Coffee




I love coffee. No cream, no sugar, no lattes, no crazy caramel mocha with whip and chocolate syrup. Just gooooood black coffee. (Don’t judge me but I will absolutely drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte with no real pumpkin in it. While wearing boots and hopefully a scarf. And I will look awesome and it will taste delicious.)

I’ve had a super productive day and have been in “making” mode since right after my run early this morning. 5:00 rolled around though and I realized I had nothing that I could use for Day 21! It’s all custom work and website work, none of which I can show you yet!

But then…

I remembered. I’ve got a giveaway coming up in 4 days. Hmmmm…. that’s right.

I better work on something that has to do with the giveaway….

(seriously, I am so horrible at surprises. just go along with it…)

Turned on the video camera during my sketch process so you could get an idea what it’s like! Ignore the delightful sounds of laundry day. I have two quotes about coffee that I want to get ready. Sketched them both out and decided to focus today on “Oh, Look it’s Coffee O’Clock” Because that’s hilarious and I really liked how it came out.

Hope you like the video! That is not how fast I write, I doubled the speed. I’ll have the other coffee quote for you to see tomorrow! I’ve got big plans for these coffee quotes. 🙂


Hope you had a great day, thanks for reading!


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