Day 22: but first, coffee…

Didn’t drink enough coffee today. I’m just gonna say it. Felt like I was trying to swim upstream all day long. Finally had enough and said, it can all wait. Go ride your bike.


And it was awesome. I kept thinking the whole time about how there are very few things that make me feel so powerful and free. Running in the mountains does. That same feeling. But even riding a super chill trail with bugs flying in my mouth and it being 95 outside, I still feel like that on my bike. And besides, I got this ridiculously amazing new shirt. (Shirt from local company, RR Threads!)

Post ride, I’m refreshed and ready to get back to business!

The business of a GIVEAWAY!!!!

IT WILL START TOMORROW!! WOOHOO!!! Details will be in tomorrow night’s blog post. It will run from Friday night to Monday night, just like last time!!

Another surprise, I’m teaming up with my bestest bud, Erin of FRAMEDStudio, in this giveaway!! We are super excited!!

Today I finished up the other coffee quote I was working on last night. Start thinking about which one you like best! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow night for the GIVEAWAY!



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