Day 26: Monogrammed Gift Box

Isn’t this the cutest box? The leaves were already on there, I just drew the monogram! I was inspired by a pillow I saw on Pinterst that had serif first names with a script last name. I thought it looked great together and would be perfect for the monogram I needed to work on. Script letters are definitely my comfort zone, good to practice other styles!

I’m so excited about this week! Monday = last push for Giveaway, so much excitment with this one. It’s been a blast to work with another small business owner on it. Tuesday = Giveaway winner announced AND I have a cyclocross clinic. Wednesday = first cyclocross race of the season! I am not nearly the cyclist I was last year at this time, but it will be really fun no matter what. Saturday = girls night at a painting place. I’ve only done that once before and it was so fun! The picture we’re painting is a pumpkin with an initial on it. That makes me laugh. Hopefully I’ll get some pumpkin painting skills for the future!

Hope you’ve had a great day AND are entered in the coffee giveaway!! Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow to see who the winner is!





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