Day 27: Giveaway winner announced!

First, thank you to everyone that voted and tagged friends!! We reached a lot of people with this giveaway and it’s thanks to all of you! Congratulations to Corina Cervantes for winning!

Erin and I will definitely be working together again in the future! We’ve done 2 craft fairs together and had a great time. Our products complement each other so well! Make sure you check out her shop for the winning coaster and other fun home items!

The next giveaway will be on Day 50 of the challenge! Until then, I hope you’ll follow along on my daily challenge. I’m so thankful for this challenge, it’s really made creating the priority of my day. Similar to running, it is not something I’m flexible on. I get my run done everyday, I create everyday. Everything else during the day fills in the gaps around those 2 things. That’s the only way to make something in your life a habit, it has to be a priority.

Is there something you wish you were doing daily? We always think about taking away from our life….no sugar or less time on our phones for example. (Always 2 things I think about!) I like to think of things with a positive spin to it. Instead of less time on my phone, I focus on spending more time reading a book.

There’s 73 days left in my challenge! That’s SO many!

Add something daily to your life, maybe it’s creating every day like I’m doing, or reading 25 pages in a book, or journaling every morning. Let’s share our journey together!

I’ve been super busy working on a FREE  worksheet. (Maybe mini e-book is a better title, it seems I have a lot to say on this topic!) It’s for anyone interested in getting started with a daily habit, it will be available for email subscribers soon!! Not a subscriber? Join us!

Thanks as always for reading and congratulations again to Corina!!



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