Day 28: Watercolor Holiday Envelope

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday! I just can’t get myself to say Happy Hump Day. So cliche and overdone, I gag a little just thinking about it. The best thing about that becoming a thing was the great camel and “Mike, Mike, Mike.” The bit about Wednesday got old, but that commercial never got old. I’m a sucker for talking animals. For a giggle:

So. Confession time.

I have never sent Christmas cards out. I’m 37 years old and I’ve never done it. There’s no way in the universe I could ever get my husband to sit for a staged photo but I’ve never even put together photos from the year. Or even just sent a “Ho Ho Ho!” card!

My dad has always done a newsletter thing, still does, and it is awesome. I look forward every year to reading it. I always think, “I wonder what all I did this year!”

But now that I pretty much think about pretty envelopes 95% of every day…

…seems obvious, huh? Not committing yet. Maybe I’ll be so busy with holiday envelope orders that I couldn’t possibly take on my own. 🙂

All that to chatter to explain why I’ve got a couple of holiday envelopes for you this week! I LOVE this casual watercolor one. LOVE. If I did do cards this year, I think I would do this style!

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks for reading!!


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