Day 29: “Merry Everything and a Happy Always” card.

I saw this holiday quote recently and loved it! I’m going to turn it into a print too, I think it would make a nice gift this time of year!

Met up with Erin last night and got the coasters that she made, don’t they look awesome?! We went and cheered/heckled at the local Cyclocross race. Heckling is a BIG part of cyclocross, people are so funny. I was going to race but my training schedule got a little messed up this week so am racing Saturday instead! Going to get my butt kicked, I’m so not in CX shape! 

Heckling at its best!
CX is messy.
 Super, really exciting news. I BOUGHT A PRINTER. I’ve been outsourcing all my printing and I’ve finally had enough! I need more control (act surprised) in the final product. It will be here tomorrow and I just can’t wait. I’ve asked about 2,000 experienced calligraphers and they all recommend the Epson Artisan 1430. So I took the plunge and ordered it. I made a Halloween party invitation that I’m going to use for printer practice first! Hopefully all will go well and you’ll see it on Saturday!I hope you’ve had a great day, the weekend is almost here! Hang in there!

Thanks for reading!!




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