Day 30: Courage to Start.

I typically have a pretty chill Friday. I run a little, SUP a little, teach a little, and catch up on all things Elle Marie a lot. It’s my favorite day. Besides Saturday and Sunday of course and then I actually really like Monday too. It’s those 3 days in between when all the hats I wear (athlete/teacher/bosslady/wife) start to overwhelm me. I can’t even imagine what you moms and dads go through!

Today though was run a little, no SUP (sad), teach a lot, clean a lot, practice Spencerian a lot. (yay!!) I’m actually really caught up on orders for Elle Marie and blog posts! So I used my bonus time to get better at my craft.

This challenge wasn’t (isn’t) about blogging and sharing. For me it’s about creating. Creating every day. I decided to post about it and start a blog because I wanted to finally put myself out there with this stuff. Fear is always and everywhere. You will never do anything if you let fear win. You just have to try. I tell my students this ALL the time. It’s so scary but it’s ALWAYS worth it.


So, as a ridiculous lover of habits and the science behind habits, I knew putting myself out there would get easier and easier. And it has! But I always remind myself the first goal is creating. Getting better, practicing every day. My background is in music, daily practice habits is all I know!

Seriously, always hire a classically trained musician…we are dedicated, internally motivated, and incredibly disciplined. It’s why we make good athletes too! 🙂

Have a great night, see you tomorrow!!! I’ll have the results from my questionable effort at CX and a picture of my also questionable painting from girls night! (and the Halloween party invite printed on my NEW PRINTER!)

So much weekend goodness!


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