Day 31: How to change your life in 1 easy step!

Buy a good printer! OH MY GOSH. Game, changer. I guess if you’re not a calligrapher this headline is a little misleading but my head is spinning this morning with possibilities!!! Do you like this invite? I think it’s so fun! At first I had it on orange paper with just black lettering but then when I got the printer I decided to change it up and print on some white card stock I had. I really like the orange watercolor elements!

I read somewhere last night that every October this lady and her husband watch all the Harry Potter movies. I’m so into this idea, I love Harry Potter. With this in mind, I asked my husband this morning, “you’re gone all day today?” and he said “yes, until November 19th.” Ugh, I wish he was kidding but that’s life as a Texas band director. Maybe we can watch them over Thanksgiving, I’m craving HP now!

I’ve had such a fun day. As expected, got my butt seriously kicked at cyclocross but it was so fun and honestly, it was awesome racing with those super fast girls. A couple are professional riders and it’s so cool to share a start line with them! Someday I’ll get a CX bike and train specifically for this, I really love the sport!




Rushed home, got a 10 second shower to get all the salt off me, (it was toasty today!) and headed out to Painting with a Twist in Grapevine with my runner girlfriends!! We had SO much fun. We could not stopping laughing at ourselves because we were all so quiet and serious and focused. Birds of feather! We take ourselves seriously as athletes, we are perfectionists at EVERYTHING.


Hope you’ve had a great Saturday and were able to enjoy the awesome weather!! Thanks as always for reading, see you tomorrow!


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


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