Day 32: The day I had nothing.

Do you ever have those days where you just have nothing? I’m so creatively stuck today! After such a great week, today I’m just staring into space and a whole lotta nothin’ is going on. I’ve got some good ideas for projects for the week but when I went to sketch them out my hand was shaky and everything looked like crap. I said to my husband, I can’t draw an “A” to save my life!!

I guess I should be thankful that in 32 days, this is the first day it’s been this bad. Thank goodness I have some backup projects for today’s post! Maybe after dinner tonight I’ll be able to try again with better luck.

I just realized…my soccer team played horrible today (Manchester City), my football team is seriously struggling without Dez (Cowboys)…hmmm…it’s in the air.

I love this quote that I did for a custom order and I really like how the finished product came out. It’s a different style for me but one that I am starting to use more often in things! Actually, the only thing I did today that I liked was a mixture of this style and script.


Besides the creative funk I’ve had a great day! I love when I get all the annoying weekend chores done before Sunday. What have you guys been up to today? Do you ever have days when everything you try to create just looks like crap? Please tell me yes. 🙂

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!


Update! The Cowboys seriously rallied (spoiler alert, sorry!) after the 1st quarter so there’s hope for me yet! 🙂

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