Day 33: Video Monday and an Oscar Wilde Quote

Ok, now that we’re into October and the day of the week is no longer the day I’m on in the challenge…yeah…that’s gonna be a struggle. I messed that up twice last month and the only information I needed was what freaking day it was!

So, I was thinking maybe on Monday and Friday I would do more process blogs. I mean, I know you LOVE hearing about my day and all but I know you’re just being nice. Talk about a snoozefest…woke up, journaled, ran, worked, blogged, dinner, bed?!? Throw in a race and some pumpkins and we’ve got some excitement but typically…booooring. (Sidebar: there’s a dude right outside my window doing the lunge matrix! Right this second! Yes!!! I do this every day. That was awesome.)

Anyway, so I would like to start doing more videos and “hey, this is how I did this,” on Monday’s and Friday’s. This Friday I’m going to be AT THE BEACH so that’s pretty exciting. And then next weekend I’m going to Iowa, party in Iowa!

There actually is…a party…in Iowa. Until these exciting events though…here’s today’s video:

Next time I think I’ll go regular time and really get close so you can see me make the letters.

So after yesterday’s creative funk that turned into, I just want to nap all day, eat snacks, watch sports and just ignore life for a second…I snapped out of it while I was journaling this morning.

I thought, I need to actually practice, drills style, everyday. I have fallen out of that habit with this challenge. This is all, create, create, produce, publish, but it’s not drill, practice, develop. And the truth is I have time for that! I really do. Please let me spend 30 less minutes a day on my phone. That would be the greatest thing ever. And don’t spend those 30 minutes writing quotes and looking for inspiration on pinterest. Do drills!

So first thing today I did 2 Spencerian drills and it took me exactly 30 minutes. I loved every second! Then I picked up pointed pen and wrote out the quote I was trying to write yesterday and it went great.

The first video I made I had the light box on and all you can see is a bright, shiny surface. Duh. So, this next one I kept it off. The actual time it took me to write this was just under 7 minutes. My husband came home in the middle of the video and that was hilarious. You can’t tell though on Hyperlapse!

Materials used:

(these are not affiliate links, it’s just my favorite stuff!)

What attracted me to pointed pen calligraphy was the slow, intentional, muscle memory skill of it. Like yoga, it forces you to slow down and really pay attention. I tend to do everything fast. I type fast, I write fast, I drive too fast. I’ve been known to scream while mountain biking, “Faster is Funner!!!!!” I love calligraphy because it forces me to slow down and be really intentional with my movements and my thoughts.  And I love MODERN calligraphy because there is no judgment with it. I spent the majority of my life trying to be a perfect musician. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Gosh, what an incredible determent that was to my growth. Hindsight, right?

When I watch calligraphers get so frustrated with their letters that aren’t, in their eyes perfect, well I can’t even watch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned off a Periscope, one that I was learning a lot in, because the person was such a perfectionist it made it unbearable to enjoy. I refuse to be like that with this, something that brings me such joy and allows me to tap into my creative spirit!

Have fun and pay attention! Those are my goals.

I hope you’ve had a great day, I’ll do better with explaining my actual process next time! This time it just turned into a bit of a rant. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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