Day 34: A fun, casual watercolor envelope and lots of dinner chatter.

Hey guys!

I rarely ever eat dinner before I get my blog out but I was starving today! My friend Sandie,  had posted a picture of baked avocado eggs with bacon and it’s all I could think about all afternoon. Mine didn’t look as beautiful as hers but they were tasty! Plus I roasted up some sweet potatoes sprinted with salt and cinnamon (no sugar for this girl!) and it was DELICIOUS. Now, I’m just in an awesome haze of fullness. The curser kept blinking at me and I wasn’t sure what to talk about except my dinner. 🙂

Staying true to my plan of 30 minutes of practice today! I had made this envelope a few days ago but didn’t like the picture I had taken. The sun was perfect tonight though for a brick pic! That silver gel pen that I wrote the address in is so awesome, the ink turns out really shiny. Be warned though, it takes awhile to dry! I’ve smeared SO MANY things because of my inability to wait.

Oh, I was messing around with the quote from last night and made this print. I think it’s weird to say when you love something you made, but I do. I love it! As my running friends say, figjam!


I think I’m starting to become a “blogger” (gasp!) because besides doing my long run along the beach, the thing I’m the most excited about for this weekend is taking pictures of my calligraphy with the ocean as a backdrop!! (HASHTAG GEEK) Ahhhhh, I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!

Same time…same place… 🙂


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



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