Day 35: Highs and lows of being a creative entrepreneur.

Tonight I was working on this watercolor galaxy that I might use as the backdrop for a custom print. I feel like I have a good idea working away in my brain that isn’t quite exactly this…but this was a good warm up to get those wheels turning!

I had a super tough run this morning, it was just supposed to be an easy recovery run but everything hurt and it was slow going. I’ve been sore and crabby ever since. It really put me in a funk! When I got home from work I tried to take a short nap to reset my day but I couldn’t sleep. Instead I sat down at my desk and picked up a brush.

Watercolor galaxy calligraphy background

  • No plan.
  • Just watercolors.
  • No work stress, no run stress, no travel stress.
  • Just one color merging into the next.

It is amazing how much it helped. It is such a gift to give yourself that time, I’m always so thankful that I have a life that allows for these moments.

I’m super familiar with the ebbs and flows of bike and run training. I expect them, they are never a surprise. I know how to mentally and physically handle and prepare for them.

But the ebbs and flows of creating a business, being an entrepreneur, are new to me.

This feeling caught me off guard and it has been hard to deal with. I was so full of ideas all September. So many ideas!!! I was recording multiple voice memos every day. Lists of creative plans and ideas for my growing business. Super excited about all the new things to learn regarding blogging and marketing and social media and on and on.

And then all of a sudden…it stopped.

I’ve got nothing. My brain is so tired. When I practice calligraphy or work on something for a client, I’m filled to the brim with happiness and creativity. But the seemingly endless energy I was putting towards business productivity all of a sudden dive-bombed into the dark abyss and is no where to be found.

With running, you have a few bad days, maybe a week, you can look back and see what you did that led to you feeling like crap. It typically doesn’t last long and you know you’ll bounce back with some rest, good food, and easy running.

I know this is the same thing. My energy has been super low for maybe 5 days and that includes the weekend. Which I should be taking off anyway! Hello…balance.

I know I will bounce back and be full of ideas again. That’s just how life works! You can’t be ON all the time.

But it’s still hard to deal with, it feels like a part of me just went away. Maybe it already left for the beach and I’m just a few days behind!


Good news, I’m off to the beach after work tomorrow! Catch ya later, suckers! 😉

I love hearing people’s stories, are you a creative entrepreneur? Do you have weeks of extreme energy and productivity followed by days of sweatpants, coffee, and netflix? Tell me I’m not alone. ❤

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow at 8:00! (It’s already been 10 days since the last giveaway, whaaaat?!?! Time to start thinking about Day 50!)blogsignoff

Watercolor galaxy handlettering happiness

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