Day 26: Road Trip!!! 

Writing this from the passenger seat of our road trip car!! Yeehaw! It’s been super smooth sailing so far. Waved hi to my parents in Georgetown as we got on The Pickle!! 

I am a HUGE fan of road trips. Erin and I have driven all the way to South Dakota together and now all the way down south to Port Aransas! Almost the entire length of the US together!

Thankfully my husband also loves road trips. We’ve had so many adventures together these past 18 years. I always look forward to our Christmas Break road trip because it feels like I never see him in the fall. Then, we get hours and hours together! We have so much fun. 

Here’s a couple pictures from this past summer’s adventures. We spent 20 days on the road mostly in New Mexico and Utah. We biked in SLC, Park City, and Moab. I ran a trail race in Logan and we did a 24 hour MTB race in New Mexico! Lots of camping along the way!

Thanks for checking in! See you tomorrow for beach pictures! 😉

P.S. Thank you to everyone that reached out after yesterday’s blog post! I love being able to connect with you guys about that kind of stuff! I really appreciate you sharing your stories! ❤️

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