Day 38: A day at the beach!

Such a great day with friends! Love this group of people I’m out here with, decided to show my love in the sand. 🙂

Some people think that runners are all crazy, like. High energy, running around all busy-body doing stuff all the time.

Now granted, there are a lot of runners like that. And I am like that a lot of the time. But I can sit and do nothing for hours without blinking. 

After my run, of course!

running on the beach port aransas
14 mile sunrise run!
Fat bike on the beach in port aransas
Ok, maybe I rode around on this fun fat bike too…

Yesterday I was on the beach for hours. Napping, drawing, and reading. I finished The Nightengale, have you guys read that? My friends had walked down to a sandwich place on the beach and I stayed on my beach towel to read (lame, I know!). No spoilers but oh my gosh I was just laying there with tears streaming down my face! Just ignore the girl crying at the beach…

Today I started a new book, Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. I love the Outlander series so thought I would like this too! I read FOREVER with just quick trips in the ocean to cool off! What a great day. I’m loving the book, it’s such a combination of Pride and Prejudice and Outlander. I’ve already highlighted so many sentences to calligraphy later. 

Tomorrow’s our last day, hope you’re having a great holiday weekend too!!

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