Day 41: Halloween greeting card, Stay Creepy!

Stay Creepy

Getting so excited for Halloween!!! I’ve never in my life sent a Halloween card but I saw this saying and knew I had to make a card! Hmmm…who should I send it to?

I printed it on Paper Source card stock from my new printer! Squee! Still so excited about the freedom that it has already brought to my life.

Halloween card Stay Creep hand lettering watercolor

Race Day!!!

Getting ready for my second cyclocross race of the season tonight!! This one is “only” 30 minutes (compared to 60 minutes last time!) so hopefully It won’t take me forever to recover like the last one did! When you’re going as hard as you can, 30 minutes is a lifetime but 60 minutes was…paaaaaain.

Back in the swing of things after the beach trip, a little post vacation depression the day I got home but already have another trip to get excited for! And then another and then another! 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with cyclocross results and a little more Halloween fun! Have a great night!!



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