Day 42: BOOyah! Fun Halloween Tote for your treats.

I love candy. I love candy that most people don’t like. Marshmellows. Peeps. Orange slices. CANDY CORN. I like sugar.

I don’t eat sugar regularly. It jacks my stomach up so bad when I run that it’s worth staying away from it in my regular diet. I like having a good run more than I like ice cream! Weird, I know. 🙂

Every Halloween and Easter season though I wait until all the mayhem has died down and then I have a treat. This past Easter it was a Reese’s egg. Becuase, HAVE YOU HAD A REESE’S EGG?! Enough said. Oh man, you know what else I love that is seasonal? Dairy Queen peppermint blizzards. They chop peppermint sticks into a million pieces and mix it with their ice cream. It sounds…so…crunchy…but it’s really good, and I love peppermint!

We need to move on before I drive to a Dairy Queen for dinner. Pretty sure they have a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard going on right now…. (don’t. do. it!)


I really wanted to put “BOOyah, witches!” but I didn’t. Maybe my friends and I are the only ones that frequently yell, “BOOYAH **itches!” to each other?! We’re so nice.

Cyclocross Dallas Mountain Bike Wednesday Nights WNX

Quick cyclocross update from last night!! It was really, really fun and I felt a lot better than I did last time. Not because I’ve been riding during that time…but now I was ready for that ridiculous pain and I could hold on instead of trying to get rid of it. I registered in Women’s Open because they called the other group “Beginners” and I’m not a beginner…but turns out I should have done that group. There were WAY more riders and I would have been just off the podium (by 1/2 a second!) in that group. So I think that’s where I should be. I just can’t stay with those Open women! They are INCREDIBLE. Maybe when I’m on a CX bike someday and not a MTB.

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow!

This weekend I’ll start letting some details slip of the next giveaway! Stick around!


tote handlettering gold foil halloween


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