Day 43: Handmade sympathy card with pointed pen calligraphy.

“May hope sustain you,

Friends surround you,

And love give you strength.”

A dear friend recently lost someone close to her of cancer. They only knew about the cancer for a month before it took her life. She has been in my thoughts constantly this week, so very sad.

At first I had made a print for the family but upon reflection, I didn’t think the quote I was using was appropriate. Instead I decided to make this card, it’s such a little thing but makes me feel good having put time and effort into making something for her.

Creative Empire

Yesterday I was listening to my favorite podcast, Creative Empire. They were interviewing a 26 year old small business owner who was so wise beyond her years. You know what I was doing when I was 26? A whole lotta nothing. Searing, searching, searching.  Trying so desperately to find my path in life.

I hung on every word this young entrepreneur said, she was so passionate about her creative business. And her business is thriving!

She talked a lot about refocusing her business to make sure that she was attracting her ideal client. She wanted clients with stories, not just clients that wanted something pretty.

You are my ideal client.

I was so overwhelmed at gratitude at that moment for the direction my business has taken. I’ve mentioned this before but every custom print order has come with a story. People share their motivation behind the quote, why it’s something they want on their wall. I’m always so moved by their stories and deeply thankful that they trust me with something that is so meaningful to them.

Road Trip!

I’m off on another trip tomorrow, this time to Iowa to cheer on a friend that is running her 50th marathon in her 50th state (including D.C.)! Can’t wait to be there to support her and celebrate this amazing accomplishment!!

Thanks for reading!! See you tomorrow!


sympathy card loss of loved one words to say in sympathy

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