Day 47: {Book Club} Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati

The beach road trip was about 14 hours round trip and this past weekend to Iowa  was close to 22 hours.

How ’bout we not take a road trip for a few day, eh? Whew!

Besides making my runner body super stiff, they weren’t actually bad. And best thing, especially this past one when we had 3 drivers to swap out, I got a lot of reading time in!

Into the Wilderness

After I finished The Nightingale, I started Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. Note, this is not Into the Wild about the guy in Alaska who eats a bad berry. Everyone I’ve told that I’m reading this book says, “OH! About the guy in a bus in Alaska?!” No, not the one about the guy in a bus in Alaska. Although that’s a great book and movie too. Sidebar: that book made me so sad! As a fellow wanderer in my 20’s who just wanted to be outside, I really felt for him.

Back to Into the Wilderness. I’m about 30% through it and I love it! It caught my eye because it’s part of a series (I’m a sucker for a long series!) and it said that some of the Outlander characters were in the book! What?! Spoiler alert….they aren’t yet, but I’m still holding out hope Jamie and Claire make an appearance! (don’t tell me when they do if you’ve read it!)

I’m not going to get political or deep or anything like that, I’m just going to say, why for goodness sakes can we not get along and respect our different cultures and ways of doing things. Seriously. Dude.

It takes place in 18th century America, although the main character grew up in England. She’s head strong, stubborn, and smart. And a little naive. Everything a good leading lady should be. She moves to America to be with her father (who is not as smart) and ends up falling in love with someone her father didn’t pick out for her. (Yeah girl! Damn the man!) Meanwhile, everyone in town is fighting because no one can ever just get along.

I know, the story line is SO cliche, we could name 1,000 more books with the same premise. BUT, so far anyway, the writing is great, the characters are well developed….well, except the father and brother. But maybe that will change. I definitely get the feeling the brother is going to make a huge mess of things in the future.

“He is the right husband for you,” her father said. “If you were more sensible, you would see that.” This made me laugh out loud. The other quote I really liked from the beginning of the book was, “She folded her hands tightly together and gave her father a look she had learned from her aunt Merriweather, the one reserved for the most outrageous of men’s endless maneuverings.”

into the wilderness sara donati book fiction calligraphy

Have you read Into the Wilderness? Did you like it? What did you think of the main character, Elizabeth? I’m worried she’s about to get herself into some serious trouble!

“What terrible messes we get ourselves into when we are silly enough to fall in love.”

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks for reading! I’ll let you know how it ends! 🙂


Reminder: the next giveaway starts Friday!!

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