Day 48: Why are photo Christmas cards so popular?

Think about the cards you got in the mail last holiday season. Mostly photo cards? Cute family pictures with a festive greeting on them? Or were they old school cards with a note inside?

Last year we received 3 regular Christmas cards and all the other holiday cards were photos. That’s so many photo cards!! I think there are positive and negatives to both kinds. I love thoughtful, funny, crafty cards. My mom makes cards and hers are always so cute and creative. Regular cards typically come with a hand written note and even sometimes a “newsletter” that tells what the family members have been up to. No picture, but so thoughtful!

On the other hand, a photo card may look beautiful and oh, your kiddos are so cute, and look at that new puppy!! Swoon!


I’ve got some serious opinions about the photo card:

  • Don’t use pictures that have already been all over Facebook! That’s such a buzz kill. Probably 90% of your mailing list is on FB. Do them a favor, take a new picture!
  • Make sure you order a card that lets you write on the back. Don’t be lazy, include a handwritten note! If you’re sending a picture that’s been your profile pic for months and not even signing it….come on. Why spend that money?!?

Working with a graphic designer or calligrapher (like me!) is a great idea for a custom card. Don’t be generic. (Unless you are generic and you love that about yourself! You be you!)

We can write out any phrase you can think of and layer it over the top of your picture. Then, you can always print them out with your preferred photo or stationary vendor. Super easy and unique! Isn’t everyone’s goal to be the card that gets prime position in your friends display? Just me?

hand lettered christmas card adorable children

Only 2 more sleeps until the GIVEAWAY starts!! Thanks as always for reading, see you tomorrow!


If you’re interested in working with me on your Christmas card, reach out! There are lots of ways we can fit calligraphy in your holiday budget. Let’s get together and bring your idea to life! ❤️

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