Day 50! We did it!! Let’s celebrate with a giveaway!!

Thanks for putting up with my posts every day the last 50 days! Hopefully you’re not too sick of me because there’s 50 more days to go!

50 is a big deal and I want to celebrate!!! Woohoooooo!!!

I started celebrating by repainting my kitchen. On a whim. Today. I know. Cause I don’t have anything else going on and we only plan on living in this place the rest of this current lease so why bother, yada yada yada. I just felt like it, I had some paint from a project a few years ago, and dang it, I really just didn’t want to clean the walls.

I’m so freaking excited about it!!!! I’m in CLEAN MODE. Seasons changing I guess? I hate to be so predictable but I’m in the mood to get rid of everything and clean the crap out of anything that’s remaining. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. I am not very sentimental, I rarely have problems getting rid of things. In fact, my problem is that I get rid of things so easily I then find I still need stuff I’ve thrown out! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, dang, I really wish I had that coat. What did I do with that coat? Oops…

Speaking of seasons, Christmas stuff is out in full force. I didn’t even get mad at those stores, I am just embracing it this year. I guess because I’ve been thinking about this giveaway so much and it’s Christmas related, the switch has been made in my brain and I AM READY! Boom.

Giveaway Details

Here’s the plan:

You + me = Match made in Christmas heaven.

You supply the photo and tell me what you want it to say. (I can help if you need suggestions!) Then I design your 2016 Christmas card! I’ll format the file so you can upload to your favorite printer (Mpix is mine) and also set you up with a jpeg you can use on social media.

To enter:

  • Follow Elle Marie Calligraphy on here, Facebook, and/or Instagram
  • Comment with your favorite holiday phrase! For example, “Merry & Bright” “Joy to the World” “Let it Snow”

Oh man, you guys are gonna get mad at me for talking so much Christmas before Halloween, I can hear you already! Sorry!!

Good luck and thanks for playing!!


Christmas Card Custom Design Calligraphy

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