Day 51: Double trouble, bikes & more bikes.

Just a reminder, the deadline for the giveaway is tomorrow night! Check out yesterday’s post for details!

This morning was my running club’s annual race, Double Trouble 5k & 10k. I always volunteer as bike lead for both races, it’s a ton of fun. This morning might have been our coldest morning of the year so far which made for some fast times and personal records, even on the hilly course. I was freezing on my bike though!

running rrca double trouble bike lead lake cities

When the race was over I headed straight to Fort Worth to race my 3rd cyclocross race of the season. This time I raced the Women’s 3/4 race which is totally where I belong! It’s awesome to race with the Pro/1/2/3 ladies but until I actually have a CX bike and oh, I don’t know, TRAIN, I’m sticking to Women’s 3/4. Maybe when I’m Masters (40+) I’ll train specifically for CX and race all the state races. I would really like that! I just am never willing to sacrifice my run time. Now, if CX was in the summer…I would happily stop running in our Texas summers.

cyclocross fwcx mountain bike bearded woman racing
Photo by fellow CX racer, Liana!

My thoughts are in St Louis tonight, the band my husband teaches is performing in the finals of a big competition! It’s the first time these seniors have advanced to the finals of a Super Regional. (band talk) Go Richland!!!!! It’s been an incredible year!

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks for reading!



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