Day 52: I think I have an urge to get up and clean the house. Wait…..nope.

Story of my life.

I would really like to get better about this! I love a clean house, my whole day is better when my house is clean. But seriously, I suck at getting motivated to clean. I’m not bad at actually cleaning, I’m bad about the act of starting to clean.

Right this minute though, my house is incredibly clean. Like, I cleaned the walls clean. After 2 weekends of massive road trips my psoas (I know, totally sounds made up.) has been killing me. No big deal except it really affects my running. Well, I’ll do just about anything for my running, even clean my house. So, in an effort to not sit all weekend like I typically do, I repainted the kitchen and living room and cleaned like a crazy person.

Amazingly, I think it’s working. I think I’m stretching my psoas back out and reminding it that it isn’t supposed to be in this scrunched up position that it is currently in.

When I work on the computer at home I typically stand up. I’ve got the perfect height table for standing (a hand-me-down from friends that has turned out perfect for us!) and that makes a big difference too.

I’ve got a big run week coming up, no CX races, and I’m super excited. I love running ALL THE MILES. Doing all the little things to make sure my body is healthy and ready to go!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and are ready for a productive week!! I’ve got another wedding suite I’ve been working on that I am going to start sharing in a few days.

24 hours left to enter the giveaway!


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