Day 53: How to cure Monday blues and crabby pants.

My house was a whirlwind of stress and bad tempers tonight. #monday I guess! Ugh. Turned on my audiobook and set to work with pointed pen. I know I say this all the freaking time but as much as I love brush work, pointed pen and me are BFF’s. The slow intention of it, the concentration, the rhythm. Sigh. I just love it.

The audio book I’m listening to right now is Diana Gabaldon’s, Drums of Autumn. I’ve actually already listened to the first half before, which is no small feat considering it’s 45 hours long! But then my library changed their audio app and it wasn’t on the new platform. That was months and months ago and I finally got it up and going again. I decided I’d just start all over because I’m sure I barely remember it!

So excited to announce the winner of this recent contest, it’s been so fun hearing all of your favorite holiday phrases!! Check back tomorrow night to see if you’ve won!

I hope you had a good Monday and if people in your house were a little crabby, you found a way to cheer yourself up too! 🙂

Till tomorrow! blogsignoffcalligraphy envelopes walnut ink address christmas

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