Day 56: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s Mountain Love

Still wearing flip flops and short sleeves to work, ready for some cooler weather! Hello, it’s almost November! Ridiculous.

I’ll just swoon over this snowy, mountain picture instead. This is totally what Maggie and Sawyer would look like, right?! They are clearly snowboarders even though their boards aren’t in the picture. The helmets and googles give them away. (Check out Maggie & Sawyer Part 1!)

Last winter they went to Colorado to celebrate the holidays with Maggie’s family who was also vacationing in the state. Sawyer secretly had his family positioned in town too, he had big plans for this trip!

He proposed on the mountain with both of their families there to witness the occasion. The weather was ideal and of course, Maggie said YES! Both families were in on the surprise so lots of cameras were on site to help preserve the day.

The first vacation my hubs and I ever took together was to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I was 19 and he was 20 and it was just the 2 of us for 4 days! It was such an awesome trip. I was a skier back then. Joined him as a snowboarder the following winter. He was super patient and taught me how to ride. We spent so many winters in a row riding at different places in Colorado, Tahoe, and NM. These days we’ve replaced our boards for bikes!

I’ve got a great day planned for tomorrow, my favorite day of the week!! Hope you do too!! Thanks as always for reading!


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