Day 57: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s unique RSVP

Happy Friday!!

Just a quick post tonight, I need to bake some cookies for a cookie competition my running friends are having this weekend! At 8:00 am. Gosh, that makes me laugh every time. What can I say? Runners start their day early! Besides, is it ever too early for cookies??

I am making my go-to cookie: think of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with Rice Krispies instead of oatmeal and pumpkin spice chips instead of chocolate. So, not even remotely similar except the whole sugar and flour and butter part. They are so good!! I have 2 get togethers this weekend so I’m making extra to bring to both!

Maggie & Sawyer

When I was thinking about Maggie and Sawyer’s RSVP I immediately though of this John Muir quote! Isn’t it perfect? Everyone and their brother letters it all the time but I thought it was cute for an RSVP mountain wedding!

The letter I

Seriously. The script letter “I” is ridiculous. I cannot find one that I love. Looks like a “J,” looks like an “L,” looks like a weird curly combo of J and L.

100 Day Challenge Update

I remembered yesterday that my goal with this challenge was flourishing and numbers! I had totally forgotten that. Oops! Going to start adding more in these next 43 days, don’t let me forget!

Have a great weekend!!


mountains are calling and I must go calligraphy rsvp card weddings

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