Day 58: {Running} Believe in yourself a little more.

I saw this quote on Pinterest this morning and knew it was perfect for today’s post! I thought I’d focus on running today since I had a long run this morning.

Sandie and I went down to Dallas to preview the Dallas Running Club’s Half course that she is racing next weekend. I wasn’t nervous about the run, ok, maybe I was a little. It felt like I hadn’t ran long in awhile and I knew that I would want to keep the pace up faster than an easy run. I know what you’re thinking, didn’t you run 100 miles? Why are you nervous for 14? That’s just the way running goes. 🙂

Turned out great though! Sandie and I had a lot to talk about and the miles passed quickly. Being out of long run habits, I didn’t eat nearly enough before the run and got super hungry with 4 miles left! Thankfully we passed a jug of gatorade a club had put out and even though it was really watered down, it was the right about of sugar and calories to get me through our planned fast finish.

white rock lake sunrise running

Tacos with Team K afterwards made for a perfect morning! Hope you’ve had a great day too! Going to a Halloween party tonight? What are you dressing as??

tacos torchy's post run feast dallas white rock lake

See you tomorrow!

mountains yosemite half dome hiker believe in yourself a little more

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