Day 61: {Brush Lettering} Long live taco Tuesday.

Helllllloooooooo Halloween hangover. Confusing because I didn’t eat any sugar yesterday or drink any alcohol. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck today though! Like the driver ran over me and then backed up and ran over me again just to make sure I was completely and totally wiped out.

Most likely the reason? Marathon training!! Woohoo!!!! CX has been set to the side because now I have a race on the calendar and I am ready to get down to business. 4:30 alarms and all the miles I can convince my coach to give me. I love marathon training.

A mid-afternoon Americano did the trick and I was able to finish out my day as well as vote! I got goosebumps as I was walking in the library, it never gets old.


I’ve got my hubby home at dinner time for the first night (not including Sunday’s) in a super long time! Making us tacos for dinner! Because well, it’s Tuesday. 🙂

I like to use this Skinnytaste recipe for my tacos, I eat them in lettuce wraps and heat up tortillas for my honey! What’s your favorite taco recipe? I’m always looking for new ideas! Ever since I used Skinnytaste’s homemade taco seasoning, I’ll never buy it prepackaged again. It’s really good!

Last night I cleaned up and printed out all the different parts of Maggie & Sawyer’s wedding suite! I’m so excited to take pictures of it but I’m not sure if tomorrow will be the day, it’s supposed to rain. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to show you tomorrow!

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks for reading!



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