Day 62: Thankful.

I’m guessing you noticed this isn’t Maggie & Sawyer’s Wedding Suite. About that.

I really want to get some good pictures so you’ll have to wait a few days! That’s the only excuse I have, I just didn’t have time today to get good shots and I don’t want to rush it. No need to, I’ve got 38 more days in the challenge! 🙂


All day I’ve been so focused on thankfulness. It’s something I think about often, I really love my life. I’m such a believer in making your own way in this world. Don’t like something, change it. I struggle as everyone does with thinking the grass is greener for others but for me that typically just revolves around material things. Like a nice house and a big yard (actual green grass) and a closet that contains more than just 2 pairs of running shoes and a garage that has a paddle board and a cyclocross bike in it.

My day to day life though. The reason I get up every day and the things that fill up all the minutes in my day…they make me so happy. And I worked so hard for so long to put myself in that position. And that makes me so proud. That I didn’t settle. That I didn’t choose the path that paid the most or had the best retirement plan or health benefits just because those things are shiny and nice.

I searched and searched and I chose the path that made me the most happy. And of course I have bad days. Days when things suck and I’m pissed off and exhausted. But they are rare.

So, even though it’s so freaking hot outside there’s no way it can be November, it is. And I am thankful.

I’m thankful for YOU!! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me, I couldn’t do it without you!


Freebie Update

I liked this little Crayola marker “thankful” so much I turned it into a mobile and desktop wallpaper for you! Hope you like it too!

Click for mobile and for desktop. 🙂

thankful november grateful lettering quotes

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