Day 63: {Flashback} “Trust me, you can dance.” -Vodka

Man, this makes me giggle every time!

I did the lettering on this back in January. Honestly, I can barely even post it without cringing because UGH! Wow, the journey! Even when you think you aren’t spending enough time on your craft or you’re not able to get in consistent critical practice (the only way to practice a muscle memory activity!) you ARE improving. Considerably. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way a year from now about all the stuff I’m making right now!

I was inspired to post something from the past by an Instagram idea going around. A very, very skilled calligrapher does a monthly exemplar (the full alphabet in upper and lower case as well as numbers) for him to look back on and see his progress. It’s like taking a picture of yourself in the mirror when you’re trying to lose weight or keeping a video diary of yoga poses to see your improvement. (I’ve done all these things!) It’s so hard to see your progress in the moment.

It’s not until you step back and become an observer do you finally realize how far you’ve come.

I received an email today with some great questions regarding beginning calligraphy. I thought I would do a blog post or two or three about them! I’ll go into some thoughts on:

  • Beginner Books
  • Straight vs Oblique Holders
  • Nibs and Paper
  • Defining Copperplate vs Roundhand vs Engrossers vs Spencerian

I’ll get started on them soon, I love talking about all that stuff! The styles of script with their different names confused the heck out of me when I first started. And depending on what you read or who you listen to…well, I’ll get into it later. It’s confusing for sure!

Happy Friday Eve, hope you had a great day!! Thanks for reading!


In case you missed it: Yesterday I put a link to some freebie’s of my lettering! Grab it for yourself!



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