Day 66: {Gift Guide} 5 days of gift ideas this Christmas!

Happy Monday!! Rainy and dreary here but I love it! The temperature is just cool enough to wear a light sweatshirt (specifically a Leadville 100 finisher jacket, hehe) and drink coffee in the afternoon without sweating!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The next 5 days I’m going to focus on some unique gift ideas for your friends and family to help get you ready for Christmas! Don’t procrastinate! This first one is my favorite because it’s perfect for the person that already has everything, can buy anything they want when they want it, or is just plain picky!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Day 1: Custom Print

A little behind the scenes action from when someone orders a custom print from Elle Marie Calligraphy:

Elle Marie Calligraphy Home Page
  • Place your custom print order here.
    Custom Print Page


  • Choose an 8×10 or 5×7 print size and add it to your cart!


  • Then you can add a frame (black or white) to your cart too. (Yep! We now offer framing, woohoo!)
  • In the “Notes to seller” box in your cart you’ll write all the notes you can think of to me about what you’re looking for.
  • for example: “quote: “You are enough.” I would like it to have a pink watercolor background and be written in white ink. I would like it to feel light and airy and whimiscal.”
  • another example: “I have no idea how I want it to look, you just do your thing. It’s for my friend, a 55 year old woman who recently lost her husband to cancer. I would like it to say, “Give God your weakness and He’ll give you His strength.” 

    After you click “Checkout” you’ll see this box, “Notes or instructions”

I get an email saying, “Yay! Your new favorite client (that’s YOU!) just ordered a custom print! Check here to see their order!”

I will contact you and verify the information you provided. Feel free to contact me first before placing your order to talk about your ideas.

Now the fun part! I go through pages and pages of sketches and ideas until something feels right. Once I get something I love, I scan it into the computer and mess around with it a little more. Make sure things are centered perfectly and the colors are just right. I keep tinkering until I’m 100% happy with it, even if I have to sleep on it one or two nights and come back to it later. This is so important to me. All my custom orders have a story behind them and I want YOU to love it as much as I do.



When everything is ready, I print it out on my new fancy-schmancy printer and package it up! I have these super thick backing boards that I use and clear bags that protect it. If you purchased a frame, I get that all ready and head to FedEx for them to package and ship for you. Shipping frames is sketchy business so I only use FedEx for that. When I’m shipping just a print, I use USPS First Class Mail. For both methods I can track your order (which I do, obsessively) until I know it’s gotten in your hands.

That’s it! The whole process typically takes less than a week but I ask you for 1-2 weeks in case it’s a really tricky quote, I’m super backed up with orders that week, or I just can’t find any creativity anywhere in my bones and I sit for hours just staring at a blank sheet of paper. It happens.

Custom Print Examples

Quick tips:

  • A 5×7 print in an 8×10 frame is awesome. It’s the perfect size, not too big, not too small. AND shipping it with FedEx is WAY more affordable than the bigger frame.
  • If you’re local (Grapevine, Texas) and order a frame you can come pick up your order from me so you don’t have to pay for shipping! Score!
  • It’s November 7th already, I know! Get on it, order here!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another gift idea! Hope this little behind the scenes has been helpful, thanks for reading!!




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