Day 69: {Gift Guide} Festive monogram print with date.

Day 4 of Elle Marie’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Miss the last couple of days? Check out what your missed!

Today’s gift idea is a family monogram print with a holiday twist! You can customize all the colors and names! I typically sell monograms a lot during wedding season, they make great wedding gifts!! I think it’s the perfect gift to bring a family that’s hosting you for dinner or a holiday party. I mean, a bottle of wine is delicious but then it’s gone! Get them something they can add to their holiday decor that lasts forever.

Monogram Print

Sidebar: I saw these little white lanterns that are in the picture at Ikea that other day. They have a couple colors, I wanted to buy them all!! They have matching red chair cushions and I’m not even a lover of the color red but it was such a deep, bright red, I wanted it!! Not an advertisement for Ikea, I’m just kinda obsessed with that place.

Hope you guys had a great day! I’m a little under the weather so have been laying low as much as my schedule allows. Heading to Indianapolis tomorrow, I’ll have some updates about that tomorrow!! I’m excited!!

See you tomorrow!


monogram print family names custom quote hand lettered


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