Day 72: Are you ready?! 5 Mondays until CHRISTMAS!

Can you even believe it?! I swear, this has been the FASTEST fall season of my life. I guess because I’ve had so much going on, it’s just flown by!

I. Need. More. Time.

Definitely not ready! Are you?

My schedule is really starting to fill up with fun holiday projects! Enveloping addressing for holiday cards, unique hand lettered gifts for businesses employees, and Christmas photo cards! Don’t wait until the last minute, get your order in today! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas you might have!

Random updates

  • Running is going great, I’m full into marathon training and loving every minute of it! My body really responds to a full training load, the gains I’ve made in the last 3 weeks are remarkable! I’m sad to miss the end of the cyclocross season to focus more on running but not really. I’m happy to be running strong again!

    Post Tuesday Tempo with Sandie! Shirt twins. Also, soooo sweaty! #oiselle 
  • Speaking of cyclocross, the last Wednesday night race of the season is tomorrow! I’m going to go cheer with my team and heckle all the riders. 🙂
  • I’m stuck in a recipe rut! I’ve been so busy and with the random travel days and late work nights, I’ve resorted to my go-to meals. (Like this one, LOVE!) I’m pretty strict with my diet when I’m running, things like sugar and gluten really upset my stomach when I run so I try to stay away from them. Looking forward to having some more time next week to try out some new recipes!
  • Every Thanksgiving my family goes camping, can’t wait to meet up with them next Wednesday! I’m craving camp fires, mulled wine, and my mom’s cooking!
  • My hubby had shoulder surgery back in late August and was just cleared TODAY to ride his bike on the road again! The Doctor said DON’T CRASH, so he’ll stay clear of trails for now (he broke his shoulder mountain biking) but he’s so happy to get to ride outside again! And I’m thrilled to have my cross-training buddy back!

    My handsome fella and I in Indianapolis this past weekend.

If you have a favorite no sugar, no grains recipe pass it my way, always looking for new ideas! Thanks so much for reading, have a great night!


holiday cards design custom christmas

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