Day 73: Envelopes and more envelopes!

So, I’m the kind of person that likes repetitive motion. I’m a percussionist. A runner. A calligrapher. I’m even a massage therapist. All of these things are based off of a repetitive, rhythmic motion. I like to get lost in the rhythm of things. The styles of yoga I’m most drawn to are the ones that are the same every time. Bikram and Ashtanga. You know what is coming, your mind turns off and you fall into the rhythm of the motion. The brain has an amazing ability to turn off and turn inward and focus. When I’m running hard, I don’t want the distraction of a story, I just want to stay focused on the repetitive sounds that are coming from my feet hitting the pavement.

I was drawn to calligraphy because it reminded me exactly of percussion. I’m not afraid to put in the work. Not afraid to practice. I love to do drills over and over and over, I don’t need to always make words or sentences. I fell in love with the rhythmic motion of the Copperplate movement.

I am still a beginner in strict Copperplate style. The exactness of it is a critical awareness skill that I am very much still developing. I imagine it will take me the rest of my life! Thankfully, modern calligraphy is so popular these days, I can let my creative side shine through the perfectionism of strict pointed pen scripts to create without fear of “what’s correct.”

I was thinking of this today because so many projects that a calligrapher undertakes are in multiples! 200 envelopes, 16 unique journals, 100 place cards, etc. I get excited about sitting down and shutting off all distractions and going through the motion one by one until they are all done.

Is that weird?! Haha!

Hope you’ve had a great day, I’m off to heckle some bike riders at the last cyclocross race of the season!! See you tomorrow!


christmas envelope address calligraphy

2 thoughts on “Day 73: Envelopes and more envelopes!

  1. Your envelope is beautiful. I too like to put a move or cd on in background to work on a stack of envelopes. I like to hear with out looking up or thinking. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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