Day 79: {Featured} Printable: Joyful and Triumphant

I was settling into a nap this afternoon thinking about the rest of the things I needed to do before we go camping tomorrow. Blogging was not on that list! Ha! Getting the Etsy store open last night was such a big relief, I forgot that…uh, you’re not at 100 days yet AND you’re going camping. Get to it, missy!

Funny story about this print, u’s and i’s look exactly the same and I accidentally put the “dot” above the u! I scanned it into the computer and kept staring at it thinking, something is weird. Ha! Thank goodness for the lasso tool, quick little nudge and it was in the correct spot. I used to always forget to dot the i so I guess this is better? 🙂

So, got the shop up last night, finished a custom print yesterday including getting it all ready to be shipped,  and then I just had a few final touches to do on another custom order. I got up early to get those done before my run so that by the time I headed to my run I was feeling light as a bird!!  Only thing left on my work list was pictures and post office!

Track Tuesday with Sandie
Post run tacos with Studebaker!

When you work for yourself you can always be working. Always. I’m hoping to step away for a couple days this week and really shut things down. I’m sure there will be signal where I’m camping but I am going to try to stay off my phone! #thestruggleisreal

I’ve gotten such great feedback about the new shop, I can’t thank you guys enough!! It means the world to me. It’s terrifying to put yourself out there like that, I just have to take a deep breath and jump. Whatever happens, happens. Just work hard and don’t let fear win. Life motto. 🙂

This “Joyful and Triumphant” print is only $5.48 and it’s and instant download! Check it out here!

Thanks as always for reading, see you tomorrow!


hand lettered digital print christmas holidays quote joyful

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