Day 80: {Featured} Printable: Merry Everything!


I love this time of the year so much. Leaves were covering the track yesterday and they are *kinda* yellow and orangeish and they make me happy!

My list of things that happen when I go camping.

  1. Find flat zone for tent. Walk around in circles, point at random places on the ground, lay on the ground to make sure it’s not a slant. Generally, look ridiculous.
  2. Set up tent.
  3. Get sleeping bag and mat all set up so when it’s dark you can just slip in.
  4. Drink a beer. Always. I’m probably drinking a beer within 30 minutes of driving up to the zone. I camp a lot and this is such a habit!

The only time this list gets out of order is if I’m camping with my family. My parents are always first to arrive and my dad has been known to have a beer for me right when we get there!

Merry Everything

I’m that annoying person that loves superlatives. Everything is ALWAYS THE BEST THING EVER. Always! It doesn’t really matter what it is, I get excited about things pretty easily and then it’s super fun and then next thing you know, it’s the BEST THING EVER!

So, long story short, this is my favorite print in the Etsy shop right now! Merry Everything!

Thanks for checking in tonight, have a wonderful day tomorrow!! Eat all the delicious food and enjoy your family and friends! And even if you don’t, remember, Make it Count. 🙂


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