Day 81 {Printables} Ho, Ho, Ho! Digital Download Gift Tags

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! We had a wonderful time camping in the hill country, there was no cell service where we were so I officially unplugged! A quick evening trip to the local winery allowed me to check email but that was it. Thankful for a little time away!


My mom and I had fun decorating our Thanksgiving table, it turned out super cute! We had perfect weather on Thanksgiving, sunny with mild temps. The night before it was freezing but it warmed up a lot. We spent our days biking, napping, reading, and eating! 🙂

Today’s featured printable from my new Etsy shop is “Ho, Ho, Ho” gift tags! Aren’t they cute? Each order contains 12 individual 2.5 in x 2.5 in gift tags. Just print out on card stock and cut around the black line.

I’ve been working on some Christmas Photo Cards this weekend as well as new prints to add to the Etsy shop! I’d love to hear some new print ideas for the shop, what quotes or sayings would you like to see? Let me know!

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading!!


gift tags digital prints home decor gift wrap christmas


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