Day 82 {Featured} Holiday Printable, Merry Christmas! Plus, new prints & a SALE!

Oh my gosh, what a great day I’ve had!! I love a productive day. Still resting my ankle from a tweak this past weekend so I got to use those precious early morning hours to create instead of run. And create I did! Got 2 photo Christmas cards done and added 2 new prints to the shop!

New Etsy printables

half marathon art print wall decor runner running calligraphy elle marie

Celebrate your half marathon or marathon with a gold lettered print to hang near your medals! Both prints are only $5.48 and can be found in my Etsy shop!

marathoner marathons calligraphy hand lettered art print running runner gold foil

Featured Christmas Printable

My ankle is getting a ton better really quickly so I should be back on the road tomorrow! Can’t wait. I love running through Christmas lights, I hope you guys all got yours up this weekend!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can focus all our attention on Christmas! Woohoo!! I’m going on a trip (to Belize, squeeee!) on December 16th so doing my best to get the shop all stocked up before I go! Gotta make sure all the procrastinators (not you guys, obviously) can download a last minute gift!

merry christmas digital download home decor wall art hand lettered calligraphy

Speaking of shops….How about a Cyber Monday sale?!?

Let’s do it!

My hand lettered Be Fearless Mug is 40% off! First time I’ve EVER done a sale on it, pick yours up today! Enter code, BEFEARLESS at checkout! Makes a great gift for that friend that might need a little encouragement!


Have a great night, see you tomorrow! Only 18 days to go of the 100 day challenge!!



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