Day 83 {Printable} Half Marathoner, Instant Download Print

Ahhh, back to realty! Laying in bed last night I said to my husband, “Man, I wish we were outside.” The weather was great when we were camping, cold but not so cold that you needed to wear a beanie to bed and hide your face inside your sleeping bag. Cold enough though that when you left the campfire you were like, “Yikes, it’s freezing!” I’m so glad we got to do that again this year, it’s a great way to split up the fall semester.

Today, I was writing out all the posts I’m going to do on the final countdown to Day 100. Day 100! As long as I don’t fold and miss a day, Day 100 will be Thursday, December 15th, the day before I leave for Belize! Perfect timing. I’m really excited about all the things I have planned for these final days. Another full wedding suite, this time with all the trimmings. Signs, seating charts, even a map! I can’t wait to show you! I’ve also got a few projects in the works for my athlete buddies, they will all be printables in the Etsy shop.

marathoner marathons calligraphy hand lettered art print running runner gold foil

I couldn’t wait to share yesterdays Marathon print with you guys. I am so happy with how it turned out! I wasn’t totally satisfied with the half marathoner so I redid it. AND NOW I LOVE IT. I like it even better than the Marathoner! So fun!

Not too much going on this week (thank goodness), I should be able to ease back into work mode pretty easily. 2 more days off the ankle but tomorrow I can bike so looking forward to getting my sweat on! By this weekend I’ll be back with my long run. I was looking at my December calendar in regards to run training and seriously, it’s like the month is over before it even starts! December is crazy. Always!

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks so much for reading! If you’ve been to Belize and have any fun stories let me know!


Check out the new print here!

half marathoner, runner, running, marathon, printable, hand lettered, halfmarathon


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