Day 85: Holiday Envelopes using Brush Calligraphy

I feel like I have so many things to tell you guys, I don’t know where to begin! The first happy dance is: I ran today!!! Yay!! I’m sitting here with ice on my ankle as a precaution to keep the inflammation down, but I really didn’t have any issues from it. Will add on a couple miles tomorrow and see how it goes!

Yesterday I got a phone call from someone who needed calligraphy on the matting of a frame. He had prepared this super creative anniversary gift for his wife and wanted to give it to her on their anniversary…which was yesterday. Ha!!

Amazingly, I found 20 minutes in the afternoon when I could meet him at Starbucks and work on this project! I needed to write basically 5 words.

I. Was. So. Nervous.

Gah, it was SUCH a rush to get there with the supplies I would need that my heart rate was already going crazy. And not that I had time, but I should have eaten something on my way. Once I found him and sat down at a table my hand was shaking so bad. I had to keep stopping to take deep breaths and get my hand to chill out! My hand will shake even when I’m in the comfort of my studio at my desk if it’s a project that doesn’t allow for mistakes. No erasers. So, if I shake then, you can imagine how much I was shaking in this situation!

I did on the spot calligraphy at the last 2 craft fairs I attended. With both of them I was really nervous for about 15-20 minutes but then I just got into my groove and it was good. If only I had 20 minutes of writing before I had to do this!

I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m super happy that it all worked out and I was able to help him. It was a good experience for me to write under pressure like that.


Since my mid-20’s I’ve really struggled with performance anxiety, on the stage as a musician and race day as an athlete. I don’t have near the anxiety for race day as I did when I was a performing musician but this experience really brought all that back to memory!

I would like to think that 10 years down the road it might go away but I’ve been racing since 2001 and I still get nervous as hell!  Best just to embrace it and take deep breaths. 🙂

Speaking of racing, wanted to share these picture with you! The Leadville 100 lottery opens for the mountain bike and run today. I’m not entering this year but it’s been fun to reminise on the past 2 years! I liked the run better than the mountain bike but I would definitely be open to doing both again. I’ve got my buckles, but I could always go for bigger buckles. 🙂


Holiday Envelope with Brush Calligraphy

I used the number 2 watercolor brush and red calligraphy ink (McCaffery’s) on these Paper Source envelopes. Really looking forward to the projects I have on the schedule for the next 3 days!!

Hope you’ve had a great day, see you tomorrow!



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