Day 86: Holiday Envelope with Brush Lettering and Watercolor Wash

Friday!! Yay!!! My day started with a run (hooray!) and went right into 2 doctor’s appointments (boo!) then straight to work. BUT then…I got to go see my friends baby and she was so awake and fun and made the cutest, funniest faces at me! And today is her daddy’s birthday so I wrote on the tiniest onesie for her to surprise her daddy with!


I also spotted this canvas I made for her baby shower. It looked so cute in the nursery!



I decorated our place tonight! This is without question the earliest I’ve ever done it. Since we are going out of town on the 16th, I wanted to get stuff up! My tree looks a little crooked from where I’m sitting and it’s driving me a bit crazy, gonna have to fix that.

Worked on some more envelopes today, these with a green watercolor wash on them. You have to be so careful not to use too much water (I do at least!) or your envelope is going to get pretty soupy. (Ah! That reminds me that I have leftover tomato soup from Eatzi’s I was going to eat for dinner! YUM)

I also have been working on a new print for the Etsy shop, “Adventure Awaits.” I’m almost done, should have it up tomorrow.

Excited that I got my house decorated tonight because the weather is going to be super moopy-doopy this weekend and I want to curl up all weekend and work on my next wedding project. And hopefully finish Gilmore Girls!!

Hope you’ve had a great day, see you tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


holiday card calligraphy envelope watercolor christmas greetings snail mail

2 thoughts on “Day 86: Holiday Envelope with Brush Lettering and Watercolor Wash

  1. that looks so neat. the baby girl is precious also. sorry about the doctor appoitments. enjoy gilmore girls and stay warm

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