Day 87: Merry Christmas Wood Sign

What a dreary day! It’s been so wonderful to have the luxury to curl up at home and hibernate all afternoon. I watched the final episode of “Durrells in Corfu” (PBS Masterpiece show) and worked on this fun wooden sign. There were only 6 total episodes to the show on Masterpiece, I loved the first one and the last one. The 4 in the middle though were meh and a little annoying. But that last one! It’s great, don’t give up if you’re watching them. I might have even cried a little… #dontjudge #sap

20 miles in the rain this morning! Woohoo! My legs were definitely feeling the lack of a long run the last 2 weeks but otherwise it went great. Running 100 miles has definitely given me a new confidence and perspective of miles…of course, I’m still very intimidated by “racing” a marathon. Being able to hold a fast pace for 26.2 miles. But I’m not afraid of the distance. One of my running buddies that I ran with today, this was his first EVER 20 mile training run. He was nervous about those extra 2 miles and so thrilled with each step that brought him into new distance territory. It was awesome to watch!! Great reminder of how big of a deal it really is.

merry christmas on wood sign

I used Bleed Proof White ink for the white on the wooden board with the round #2 brush. At first I tried white acrylic paint but I have a cheap one and it didn’t work AT ALL. The Bleed Proof was great, I used 2 coats but it didn’t really need it. The red shadows were an acrylic paint of much higher quality. I had to clean my brush constantly though to get it to not thicken up on the bristles. And once I left too much water on the brush and although the paint went on so smooth, it bled EVERYWHERE! I was like, AHHHH! STOP!!

get your custom orders in by 12/10!!!!

Reminder, if you’re interest in a custom print for the holidays, orders must be in by December 10th!! No custom print orders will be accepted between December 11th – 25th. If you miss it by the 10th it will have to be a New Year’s present! 🙂

Order here!

How are you spending this rainy, cold day? Hope you’re having a great weekend and staying warm!




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